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Start-up grant

Apply for the payment online in the TE Services e-service for personal customers. The application for payment of start-up grant is made one month at a time in arrears. The application must be submitted within two months from the end of the payment period.

KEHA Center pays the start-up grant twice a month. The payout days fall in the middle of the month and at the end of the month. If your payment application does not reach the first payment date of the month, it is automatically transferred to the following. Applications for payment of start-up grant are processed within seven working days from the time the application is received. You can follow the processing of your application in the e-service.

The salary information submitted by the employers in the income register is used when paying start-up grant.

Payment dates for the start-up grant 2023

  • 18.1.2023 and 31.1.2023
  • 16.2.2023 and 28.2.2023
  • 15.3.2023 and 31.3.2023
  • 18.4.2023 and 28.4.2023
  • 16.5.2023 and 31.5.2023
  • 15.6.2023 and 30.6.2023
  • 17.7.2023 and 31.7.2023
  • 16.8.2023 and 31.8.2023
  • 15.9.2023 and 29.9.2023
  • 16.10.2023 and 31.10.2023
  • 15.11.2023 and 30.11.2023
  • 18.12.2023 and 29.12.2023

Processing information for Start-up grant on 21.3.2023

The payment of Start-up grant is currently subject to the processing of applications received the 16.3.2023. (384 pcs).

Pay subsidy

Payment for the pay subsidy is applied for the period chosen (=payment period 1, 2 or 3 months) in arrears. Make your application for payment no later than two months following the expiry of the payment period for the calendar month during which the payment period ends. Payment applications are processed within approximately three weeks from their arrival.

Apply for the payment with an online form in the TE Services e-services for employers.

Processing information for pay subsidy on 21.3.2023

  • Pay subsidy for associations: Applications submitted electronically on 1.3.2023 are currently being processed (2 626 pcs). Prognosis for processing time is 20 days.
  • Pay subsidy for companies: Applications submitted electronically on 23.2.2023 are currently being processed (4 370 pcs). Prognosis for processing time is 26 days.
  • Pay subsidy for municipalities: Applications submitted electronically on 1.2.2023 are currently being processed (3 007 pcs). Prognosis for processing time is 48 days.

Employment policy project support

Employment policy project support is TE Offices' discretionary funding support which is used for procuring services produced in a form of a project. KEHA Centre takes care of the support and advance payments.

The payment application

Applying for employment policy project support was transferred to e-service in 2021. The advance and payment of the electronically applied employment policy project support is applied in the regional administration’s e-services in accordance with the funding support decision.

Application forms

Payments for 2021 decisions will be made through a form procedure. The payment application is to be sent as an appendix to the general transaction form of the ELY Centre, directly to the registry of the TE Office that made the funding decision or by mail to KEHA Centre payment unit.

Rehabilitative work activities

Wellbeing services counties responsible for arranging rehabilitative work may be reimbursed for the costs of organizing the activities. The precondition for compensation is that the activities are organised in accordance with the Act on Rehabilitation Work Activities and as defined in the activation plan or multidisciplinary employment plan. The compensation is paid for customers participating in rehabilitative work. 

Municipalities may apply for compensation for the costs of tasks transferred to the wellbeing services counties that have incurred during 2022. Compensation must be claimed by the end of 2024.

The wellbeing services county responsible for arranging rehabilitative work activities can apply for compensation from KEHA Centre. The compensation application is applied in the regional administration’s e-services. Complete the application thoroughly and add the required appendices.

The application for payment for discretionary expense allowance

The KEHA-Centre pays allowances for individual customers to whom the TE Office or the trial municipality has decided to grant the right for the discretionary expense allowance.

Granting a discretionary expense allowance is part of a local government trial related to TE services, and it can be granted and paid for a fixed term between 1 March 2021 and 31 July 2023. The trials will end on 30 June 2023, by which time the decision on the discretionary expense allowance must be made at the TE Office or in the trial municipalities.

The KEHA Centre may pay allowance retroactively as of August 1st for more than one month. The allowance can be paid retroactively only for particularly significant reasons. Reimbursement of expenses may not exceed the period specified in the decision. If you apply allowance with an electronic application from several months, complete a separate application for each month.

Discretionary expense allowance – more detailed instructions and service channels (


Processing information for discretionary expense allowance on 10.3.2023

The payment of allowances is currently subject to the processing of applications received at the end of October 2022. (6189 pcs).

9.3.2023 The processing situation for the payment of discretionary expense allowance will be corrected in the spring (pdf)