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The development and administration centre for the ELY Centres (KEHA-centre) and TE Offices pays, by application, energy support, employment-based investment subsidies and compensations to shipping companies for seamen's travel. The KEHA-centre also processes the invoices, granted as development services, of the service producers of coaching and training services. The Developments and Administration Centre also pays, by application, integration compensations (to municipalities and representatives' compensations and travel expences).

Investment & development services

Please send the invoices of service producers as electronic invoices.

Invoicing addresses:
ELY Centre of South Savo
EDI ID: 00372296962117, Operator OpusCapita Group Oy

ELY Centre of Häme
EDI ID 00372296962114, Operator OpusCapita Group Oy

ELY Centre of Central Finland
EDI ID: 00372296962120, Operator ID (OpusCapita): 003710948874

ELY Centre of North Ostrobothnia
EDI ID 00372296962123, Operator ID (OpusCapita): 003710948874

  • You will find information about the training and coaching procurements by the ELY Centres and TE Offices atövoimakoulutus.
  • The procurement procedures and the Act on Public Contracts are under review in 2016; follow the news from the ELY Centres. There will be some reforming changes on sending and reporting of invoices towards the end of 2016 when we switch to electronic online applications.
    Please remember that training and coaching invoices cannot be sent by online; instead of mail, we recommend the use of ELY Centres' general transaction form while waiting for the online application service; more about this in the announcement (in finnish):

Integration compensations to municipalities

The Ministry for Employment and the Economy and the Development and Administration Centre have studied the instructions to municipalities for compensation applications in accordance with the act concerning promotion of integration. The Development and Administration Centre gave the general instructions to the municipalities / ELY Centres on 15.12.2015.

The municipalities are to be supported in increased administrative tasks of immigration by trainings organised in spring 2016.

More information about this can be found on the ELY Centres' web site and the immigration services of the Ministry of Employment and the Economy at

Sylvia additional compensation

The Sylvia project is still continuing. Follow the messages on the site.
  The new Sylvia application periods with their instructions and forms are published on the “Sylvia site”.


Compensation for those representing asylum seekers who have arrived in Finland alone as minors

The development and administration centre of ELY Centres and TE Offices pays, by application, the compensations of the representative named for the child. The fee is based on the time spent for the tasks of the representative and the expenses incurred by the representation for the compensation when the representative has been appointed based on a law provided for the promotion of integration or for reception of a person seeking international protection and the child has been granted a residence permit.

Once the child who has applied for international protection has been granted a residence permit, the Finnish Immigration Service will pay the representative's fee and travel expenses until the applicant has been informed about residence permit decision – this includes the notification date. The forms attached here can be used for the representatives' fees and travel expenses applied from the Development and Administration Centre. If the minor does not have a residence permit, or the residence permit decision is negative, the compensation is to be applied from the Finnish Immigration Service. The right for the representative's fee and travel expenses will end when the person represented gets Finnish nationality.

Please follow our messages on this page and our training offer here (

More information about submitting the compensation application can be found at