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Contact details of the payment unit

KEHA Centre, payment unit, P.O. Box. 1002, 00521 Helsinki.

Postal addresses in the payment areas (Joensuu, Kouvola, Oulu, Tampere, Turku) have been closed and all mail for the payment unit is directed at the address in Helsinki.

Instead of mail, we recommend using the e-service, which will speed up the process of your case. Information about e-services can be found on the application instructions and forms page.

Email inquiries

Customer Service Centres for ELY Centres

Enterprise Finland Telephone Service 0295 020 500, Mon-Fri at 9 am-4.15 pm
General advice on the employment and economy services and guidance in the use of online services. Enterprise Finland provides advice on electronic payment transactions for pay subsidy and the start-up grant as well as in the use of the Katso ID.

Customer Transport Service, 0295 020 603, Mon-Fri at 9 am-4 pm
The customer transport service helps in inquiries concerning supply compensations and private road aid.

Customer Service in Environmental Matters, 0295 020 900, Mon-Fri at 9 am-4 pm
The customer service in environmental matters helps in water and environmental management, building heritage management and in other payment inquiries related to the environment.

National TE guidance services

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