Application for support


Support for financial difficulties caused by coronavirus pandemic
Open 18.5.2020

>> Familiarize yourself with what support is granted and what it can be used for (ely-keskus.fi) In Finnish

Apply for support primarily through the electronic form.

Fill in the application carefully and attach to it all the necessary attachments. In this way you speed up the process time.

>> E-service

Log in at the top right of the screen, change the language, log in and then open the direct fill form.

• The e-service requires a strong authentication tool such as bank codes, a certificate card or a mobile ID.
• Fill in all fields
• Application Guide (coming soon) 

If use of e-service is not possible, a printable application form (.pdf) or a form that is saved (.doc) can be used.

>> suomi.fi (coming).

The application form can be submitted electronically via the ELY center's general e-service to the ELY center from which the support is applied for or by post.

>> Company, association or business operator (Finnish)

In the event that the ELY Center requests completion of the application, submit the supplement at the latest by the deadline or negotiate a deadline with the authority.

When the ELY Center has received sufficient and accurate information to decide the matter, the ELY Center makes a decision on the application, the ELY Center makes a decision. The decision is sent to applicants by mail or with the applicant's consent by email.

The Development and Administration Centre pays the subsidy as advance in accordance with the aid decision.

Account for the use of the subsidy.

The subsidy must be presented with a form

>> suomi.fi (coming)

When the ELY Center has approved the report, the Development and Administration Centre sends another electronically signed payment decision by mail or with the applicant's permission by email. Even if the report is not approved in its entirety, the applicant receives a decision, which can be appealed from the Development and Administration Centre. Advances that have been unused or partially unused can be refunded to the Development and Administration Center's income account or can be recovered if necessary.

Additional Information:

Application procedure
>>  ELY-keskusten_elinkeinokalatalouden_asiantuntijat.pdf


European Maritime and Fisheries Fund
>> Kysymyksiä ja vastauksia coronaviruksen vaikutuksesta kalatalouteen (in Finnish)