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Temporary support and remuneration 

The application opened on 5.6.2020

The catering business was severely restricted by legislation to prevent the spread of corona virus 4.4 - 31.5.2020. The Parliament of Finland demanded restrictions when approving compensation for reasonable costs and measures to mitigate the effects.

The model consists of two complementary parts, both of which can be received.

Remuneration for business restriction

  • Reasonable remuneration for costs incurred under the business restriction
  • Remuneration is granted for rents for premises, costs for plumbing and electricity and similar inflexible running expenses incurred by the entrepreneur, that is not raw material purchases or labour costs, nor investment costs.
  • Remuneration is distributed on the change caused by the company's sales under the restriction.
  • The allowance is usually paid without an application, so-called mass payment. If your company is not covered by automatic payment, support is sought in an instalment and with an application (= Companies that do not have a 4/2020 value added tax return filed with the tax authority or who are a company with other main business or a staff restaurant). The application is open until 31.8.2020.

Support for re-employment

  • Support for preparedness and ability to employ workers at a level that corresponds to the situation before the Corona epidemic when operations start after the restriction period.
  • The support can also be directed to the payment of hired labour obtained through staffing companies or subcontractors.
  • The support is granted and paid on application. The application must be submitted by 31.10.2020.

The supports are granted and paid for by the Development and Administration centre for ELY Centres and TE Offices (KEHA-centre).

Information on the situation

The processing of applications was initiated in July following the completion of the mass payments of remuneration for the restriction of business.

>> The application and decision situation can be monitored by the company, at the municipal and provincial lever here. 

Applications are processed in order of arrival. Applications received are currently being processed

  • support for re-employment 28.10.2020
  • remuneration for business restriction:  - 



The application for re-employment ends on 31.10.
It is estimated that a total of more than 123 million euros will be paid in subsidies for the catering sector.
By 27 October, a total of EUR 12.71 million in re-employment support had been paid to catering companies.If the application quantities remain until the end of the application period on 31.10 at the current level, the total amount of support is likely to be less than EUR 26 million. Payments of support and follow-up are expected to be completed early next year.
With regard to the remuneration for business restriction, the total amount paid by mass payment EUR 73.65 million in addition a total of EUR 15.65 million has been paid by the corresponding date on the basis of applications.
During this application, which ended at the end of August, a total of more than 1,500 applications were received, of which there are currently about 500 in process or pending. Remuneration will be paid during the current year.
Paying Director Pauliina Smolander says that these application processes, built on a very fast schedule in the spring, have proven to work and make applying easy. Since then, co-operation between various catering business operators and companies has worked smoothly. It can also be seen as a positive fact that the spring did not try all the companies in the catering industry as expected. It seems that the industry has been able to both adjust its operations and develop new business so that the restriction period everywhere did not reduce sales as expected, Smolander states.
Additional information: Pauliina Smolander, Paying Director (maksatukset.keha@ely-keskus.fi)

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